Certain projects stand apart from our usual categories. They’re special

Main Title Design

Expanding the concept of his poster key art for the documentary feature Steal a Pencil for Me, Alex Swart designed a main title sequence for the film. The broken pencil title treatment symbolizes a romantic relationship cruelly interrupted by internment in a Nazi concentration camp, yet kept alive by the surreptitious passing of love notes. Michele Ohayon's beautiful film still resonates, although the heroes of the film have passed on. 

Animated Corporate ID

Our Australian friend Greg Coote commissioned this logo with the following brief: “I just want a big D, mate.” So, this logo uses that letter to complete the form of a desert dune for a distinctive corporate identity. 

TV News Promo


Working with Planet 360’s Dylan Gerber, SwartAd provided art direction and graphic design for this NBC 7 San Diego news promo.