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The analog, tactile experience provided by our collateral concepts help promote brands through booklets, sell sheets, and even surfboards. Charger not required.

La La Land

For Your Consideration

Hacksaw Ridge

For Your Consideration

Warner Bros.

Content catalog

Hawaii Five-O

Promotional/specialty surfboard


MadMen-themed content catalog

SwartAd imagined how Don Draper might have pitched a slate of Lionsgate shows:

“When you get right down to it, entertainment is about one thing—emotion. It’s about what you feel...” 

The Alfred Hitchcock Collection

Content catalog

CBS Westerns

Genre content catalog

Cold Case

Affiliate station kit containing series marketing materials

Warner Bros. Television

Promotional premium

Universal Horror Anthology

Content catalog

Sonar Select

Content catalog

Paramount Pictures Quick Hits Classics

Content catalog

Hercules & Xena

Station kit containing marketing materials


Corporate promotional item

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Annual Report