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We branded the Academy Awards.

We positioned “The City’s College.” 

And we promoted “The Greatest Monsters of All Time.”

Now, how can we help you?

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We're SwârtAd, a marketing design consultancy specializing in creative that helps products, businesses, and institutions launch, grow and thrive.

What you have done to our website is an eye-catcher and a has encouraged more donors who are aligned with our values in helping former foster youth thrive.


I just want to say thank you for everything SwartAd has done for us.

—Tim Mayworm
Executive Director, Journey House Pasadena

Form givers.

In Dutch, a word for designer is vormgever, transliterally form giverSwârtAd uses conceptual design, art and copy to shape brands. 

We push for the big idea while also sweating the details because it all contributes to the personality and resonance of a brand. As the sage of Starbucks explains:

“A well-built brand is the culmination of intangibles that do not directly flow to the revenue or profitability of a company, but contribute to its texture....Forsaking them can take a subtle, collective toll.” 

—Howard Schultz, Onward

Nobody actually intends to forsake their brand essentials. But it can happen; and that's where we can help. Through strategy, positioning, identity, messaging, advertising, and design, SwârtAd gives form to the intangibles that help brands live and thrive.


We are proud to have worked with the following clients:

  • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

  • Benchmark Post

  • CBS Studios International

  • CBS Television Distribution

  • Century Books

  • CNN

  • Consulate General of the Netherlands

  • DirecTV

  • Dune Entertainment

  • Great Point Media

  • The Hallmark Channel

  • Hexagon Health

  • Journey House Pasadena

  • The Kugler Company

  • Lionsgate

  • Los Angeles City College

  • Metros Capital

  • NBC7

  • New Line Cinema

  • Oasis Media Group

  • Paramount Global Content Distribution

  • Planet 360

  • Quark Entertainment

  • Reach Academics

  • Rex Pickett's Sideways Wine

  • Robertson Taylor Partners

  • Sonar Entertainment

  • Sony Pictures Television

  • Southern California News Group

  • TBS

  • TCM

  • Tirota

  • TNT

  • Twentieth Television

  • Universal Studios

  • Variety

  • VH1

  • Walker/Viden Luxury Consignment

  • Warner Bros. Television

  • The Weather Channel

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