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Where SwârtAd becomes SwârtEd

Design Education with Agency Perspective

Our agency experience informs college-level marketing design courses that cover theory and practice. These classes inspire non-designers and designers to leverage conceptual communication in their professions. 

Alex Swart, M.A., writes, develops, and teaches courses for college students and mid-career professionals.

Alex Swart offers a perspective on the creative process to international students at their California State University Northridge culmination ceremony.

Design Thinking

Applied Design Thinking & Storytelling

Our 17-hour lecture/studio course module (the post-graduate and international college at CSU Northridge) takes a different track than current DT orthodoxies. In this fast-paced class, students orchestrate words and images to develop their creativity and understanding of the design process within business culture.

In the first week of Design Thinking, Professor Alex Swart challenged us to create a new slogan for Coca-Cola. Getting opinions and praise from Alex was really gratifying. Definitely a new POV and area of interest that I will bring to my professional work.

—Caroline, Design Thinking student
IBS Americas students at CSUN
Communication, Design, & Innovation

Communication, Design, & Innovation

Our 17-hour lecture/studio course module (at Tseng College, CSU Northridge), this class focuses on working effectively with creative teams (communicating in) and approaches to branding (communicating out). In CDI, students learn to leverage conceptual design to position their products, causes and services in new and original ways.

Communication, Design and Innovation IBS Americas CSUN students presenting their company branding
IBS Americas students at CSUN
Communication, Design and Innovation IBS Americas CSUN students presenting their company branding
Alex Swârt and IBS Americas student at CSUN

It's one thing to be consistently great in a field, and it is another thing to be a consistently brilliant educator. Thank you, Alex Swart, for being both.

—Tamar, Communication, Design & Innovation student
Ent Advetising Design

Entertainment Advertising Design

Alex Swart wrote the class Entertainment Advertising Design to teach students how to employ a genre-based approach to attract audiences. Over a 15-year period, Swart taught and evolved the class at Cal State LA and at CSU Northridge. Swart's students consistently secured positions in the entertainment industry.
Alex Swârt
CSUN student presenting his work
Entertainment Advertising class crit with Alex Swârt
CSUN student presenting her work

PROFESSOR SWART IS AN INVALUABLE ASSET to graphic design students at CSUN with his professional world knowledge and  concern for students. I know all the skills I’ve learned in his class will help me in my career.

—CSUN Entertainment Advertising Design student
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