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SwârtEd is involved in Curriculum Development and Teaching. Our agency experience informs the development of college-level marketing design courses; and invariably covers both theory and practice. The classes are configured to help designers become better thinkers, and help non-designers effectively leverage design and conceptual communication in their work.

Alex Swart, M.A., (Executive Creative Director at SwârtAd) writes, develops, and teaches courses for college students and mid-career professionals:

Alex Swart offers a perspective on the creative process to international students at their California State University Northridge summer program culmination ceremony.


Design Thinking

Our 17-hour lecture/studio course module (at Tseng College, the post-graduate and international college at CSU Northridge) takes a different track than current DT orthodoxies. This fast-paced class considers the differing motivations of "corporates" and "creatives." Students utilize the discipline of branding—through the orchestration of words and images—to develop their creativity and an
understanding of the design process within business culture.

THE COURSE EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS, because I had imagined something related to theory and how to do Design Thinking, but the way that the content was approached made it easier and lighter to absorb!...And I am certain that this is the kind of knowledge that lasts forever. The professor is amazing! I would like to say thank you, because there are some people that just come and go in our lives and some do not even know how they really make a difference and instigate us to be better than ever—and he is definitely that kind of person.

—Design Thinking student

Entertainment Advertising Design

Entertainment is a stylized window of the lives we lead, our dreams, fears, and aspirations. In our upper division semester course (offered as Art 345 at CSU Northridge), students learn how to create persuasive marketing design for various genres. Entertainment Advertising Design explores ways to attract audiences to screened entertainment; and also explores Hollywood-style approaches that can be applied to other product categories.
Fall 2020—Entertainment Advertising Design is completely online via Zoom! 

PROFESSOR SWART IS AN INVALUABLE ASSET to graphic design students at CSUN with his professional world knowledge and overall care of the students. This class has been an incredible pleasure to be in, and I know all the skills I’ve learned will help me in my career.

—CSUN Entertainment Advertising Design student

Communication, Design, & Innovation

Our 17-hour lecture/studio course module (at Tseng College, CSU Northridge), this class focuses on working effectively with creative teams (communicating in) and approaches to branding (communicating out). In CDI, students learn to leverage conceptual design to position their products, causes and services in new and original ways.


Professor Alex Swart was one of the main people responsible for making the 'Communication, Design, and Innovation' course so unforgettable for all of us!

I felt very small next to him (both literally and figuratively!), but he was kind enough to guide our creative projects and let us learn so much from his experience. If you're looking for some inspiration today, check out his work.

Communication, Design, & Innovation student

This course, initially conceived by Alex Swart and previously offered at Cal State LA, is now being retooled for international students working in the global economy of the 2020s. CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT is an essential creative process and a way of thinking with applications in business, design, communication, marketing, and technology.

Concept Development

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