SPATIAL BRANDING—From exterior bus and building wraps, billboards and

ight-pole banners, to interior spaces and signage, we look at OOH design and production from a branding perspective.

We leveraged our production expertise to reproduce Drew's signature branding at epic sizes.

A bright and bold new campaign for Rachael Ray hits the streets of New York City.

We designed digital slow-motion bus shelters as well as bus kings to be seen throughout the city.

SwârtAd's campaign for Daily Mail TV was seen coast-to-coast.

Chicago Transit Shelter for ET.

See case study: “The City's College.”

See case study: The Oscars.

We reimagined NYC's iconic subway signage through the lens of the Tyra brand. Our headline continues the theme while signaling the audience to tune-in.

See case study: So Cal News Group.


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